Focus Care FacilitiesDomiciliary Care – Supported Living – Housing with Care (HwC)

All our care and support is provided within Private Homes, Housing with Care (HwC) and Supported Living Units which Focus Care Agency can assist the service user to source. The level of care is enhanced and focussed on enablement and promoting independence.

The housing, care and support fulfils the following criteria:

  • 24 hour on-site care and support according to assessed needs
  • Clustered development of independent living units that are self-contained units of accommodation, each with kitchen, bathroom, lounge, dining room and own front door
  • Can arrange/provide flexible levels of domestic help (cleaning, community alarm service, laundry, garden and maintenance etc.)
  • Communal facilities such as dining facilities, lounge, activities room etc.
  • Not registered under the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (in England)
  • Can be privately or publicly funded and rented.

Our services include what is normally referred to as domiciliary care, housing with care (HwC) or a supported living package of care.


Prior to moving into the care and support of Focus Care management an individual person specific assessment is conducted by a trained staff member..

All our services provide person-centred care and support. Each service user has their own care plan which they participate in developing. Relevant representatives/relatives/carers may also provide input into the service users care plan with their consent or alternatively in their best interest.

The service structure for each Supported Living, Home with Care (HwC) or bespoke service  is assessed to suite the specific needs of each service user. In houses providing services for multiple occupants, a team leader will manage the service, supported by regional clinically qualified nurse managers. Staffing levels within each service are assessed in conjunction with service user needs and packages of care agreed. The skill mix is determined by the level and need of each service user i.e. 1:1 care; specialist behavioural nurse or OT provision; psychotherapy etc.

Twenty four hour on call service for service users, staff and relatives.

Promoting community access and participation through person-centred care planning that focuses on daily living activities, leisure, holiday planning, education and work re-enablement and promoting independence.


  1. 1.      One Person Bespoke Services

The house is divided into two totally separate flats one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor in a spacious property with a garden. It is situated in

Westcliff –on-Sea in Southend close to the town centre within walking distance of the beach, shops and over the road from the rail station. This project was set up in 2011 to house one service user who cannot live with other people and needs 24hr support and a sleep in.


  1. 2.      Additional Support in a Registered Home based Transitional Hubs:

This service offers the option of an extended pathway that facilitates establishing service user needs for very complex cases where there is a specific need i.e. challenging behaviour. This community home based transitional assessment hub enables a care team to identify the specific needs of an individual prior to stepping down into a tenancy or Home with care (HwC) package, that further enables the individual to achieve greater independence.


  1. 3.      Focus Housing Ltd:

Focus Housing Ltd is a sister company that sources properties and sets up bespoke housing or group housing projects for people with complex needs.

Focus housing looks to find solutions, working with Focus Care Agency the local adult services and service users to provide housing that will work long term for the individual and give them the security they need.

Our holistic integrated person-centred approach to enhanced care and support extends into each of our locations that provides positive community inclusion and supported living at the individual’s pace and perception, measured through the “Recovery Star” for agreed outcomes.