Acquired Brain Injuries

residents1Focus Care Agency provides an enhanced care and recovery approach(ECRA) within a supported living service for people with acquired brain injury. This home with care (HwC) and support offers disabled people a real flexible alternative to long-term hospitalisation and traditional residential care placements.

Working in partnership with social landlords and private housing providers, we provide fully flexible packages of housing and support to meet the needs of individual tenants as required.  Our tenants are enabled through support to maximise their independence by actively participating in their local community.

We offer care and support for adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and varying degrees of Cognitive, Physical, Behavioural and Emotional difficulties.

Through our Housing with Care (HwC) and supported accommodation services, we provide a stepping stone for individuals to move towards enablement, recovery and an enhanced independent lifestyle following post-acute rehabilitation. Service Users are empowered to maximise their skills and develop greater control over their lives through making informed choices.

We work in partnership with Service Users and support them to achieve their goals. Individuals are encouraged to be constructively occupied in what is a challenging and dynamic process as they adjust to a changed lifestyle.

We use strategies and support guidelines to enable Service Users’ to  relearn skills, in all their activities of daily living, including personal care, medication, menu planning, shopping, cooking, budgeting, leisure, vocational activities, work opportunities and social relationships. We encourage individuals to participate in meaningful activities, which enable them to become more involved within the wider community.