Carol Smit

Carol Smit

About Me

Title: Managing Director

Role:  Directing the business strategically to attain clinical excellence and leading people to face the challenges, the risks and the prospects of what we could collectively achieve by touching people’s lives daily in delivering high standards of quality care.

Experience: I trained in South Africa and relocated to United Kingdom in 2001. More than forty years’ experience in the health care sector.

Qualification: RMA; (Dip: IR; RGN; RMN; CHN & Midwife) BA (Cur) Admin; BA (Cur) Edu; MA (Cur) HSM

Interests: Outside of work I am the mother of two wonderful sons and privileged to have great daughters-in-law who have blessed me with three granddaughters, which leaves me with little time for pursuing any other interests besides shopping and spending quality time with the most supportive husband.